North Carolina in the Fall

_MG_6203 _MG_6212 _MG_6226North Carolina in the Fall

I recently took a trip to North Carolina, my grandparents live a few minutes from Greenville in South Carolina. I went to visit them for a few days, during the free time I had I went on some hikes and walks with my camera in hand to check out what the town had to offer. These series of pictures were taken while I went on a walk in the local park with my grandfather. I have always enjoyed seeing old run down buildings. It reminds me of how simple life use to be back when people lived in homes such as the two I found. It’s kind of sad to see them in such disrepair but they still serve a purpose, they add a mysterious feel to the surrounding environment. They have become one with the environment, with the ivy and brush growing around them and inside them. They slowly become one with the natural environment, turing in to beautified man made structures.